Wooden Serving Tray for Wine Crackers Brie meat


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Unique design allows you to use it in as many ways as you can find: it can be a wine and cheese board, a charcuterie board, a fancy fruit and cheese platter, or a serving tray. The good news is it does not absorb the smell of food, so your muffins won't taste like cheese.

A smooth 100%-NATURAL bamboo surface will let you cut and slice cheese in rounds, wedges or blocks leaving your knives sharp.

Key features:
1.    Unique crafted design inspired by you
2.    Eco-friendly
3.    money back guarantee
4.    perfect groove for crackers and sweets
5.    Antibacterial, odour and water resistant bamboo
6.    Knife-friendly and resistant to scarring surface

7.    Easy to clean and maintain


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