Wooden Bulb Vase

Trying to find new, eye-catching decorations for our homes can be really tricky. The Maison & White Bulb Vase with Wooden Stand is a spectacular piece that can not only add a touch of style to your lifeless surfaces but also add a touch of greenery. With an industrial-inspired design, 4 apothecary style vases rest across a rotating metal rod presented on a wooden stand. Designed with hydroponic growing in mind, use the bulb vases as desktop planters for propagating plant cuttings or even just for adding some much-needed colour to that space you just can't seem to fill.


Plant propagation is the process which grows new plants from seeds, cuttings, and other plant parts. If you’ve got a plant at home that's recently run its course, take a cutting from it and start the propagation process. Take a small cutting from the desired plant, about 4-5 inches in length, then sit in the bulb vases with either water or a growth hormone. Regularly change the water and in a 4-8 weeks time, your plant should start to root and you can transfer it into soil - breathing new life into a once dead plant!


Changing the water in your plants is a necessity as fresh water will keep your plants healthy, but not all plants need it at the time. Each vase can be rotated independently which makes changing the water in each vase an easy task. Carefully tilt each vase until your water is emptied and then refill.


The Maison & White Bulb Vases with Wooden Stand is a great piece that can go a long way towards adding your own personal touch to your brand new home. Perhaps you know someone who just moved house too and are looking for a housewarming gift that's a little different?

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