Wire Bin Home Storage Basket

Keeping our workspace tidy and organised is important for a clear head whilst we can focus on our daily tasks. The Maison & White Rose Gold Wire Bin is a trendy alternative to boring plastic bins. The bin fulfills its main purpose of storing paper, waste and rubbish, but can also be used as storage basket. It’s a stylish accessory in your home and suitable for storing a variety of different things from blankets to newspapers and magazines. The diagonal lines and rose gold colour add a modern look to this bin, so it’d be a shame to just keep it hidden under your desk! 


The Rose Gold Wire Bin by Maison & White has a beautiful design, but don’t let it take away the fact it is also of good size and fits perfectly under any desk. Holding a capacity of 12L, this paper bin can fit in a good amount and won’t overflow with paper or crisp packets anytime soon. 


We like to make sure every room of the house is tidy and organised. Place the storage basket in your bathroom as a chic accessory for holding hand towels, in your living room next to your sofa for blankets, or on a shelf for storing newspapers and magazines you don’t want laying around. 


Size: 12L, Circumference 88cm, Height 25cm
material: Steel 
In the Box: Rose Gold Wire Bin 

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