Weave Effect Plant Pot


  • Weave effect plastic plant pots
  • Available in 18cm and 22cm sizes
  • Choose from white or grey
  • Drainage hole and stopper in base
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Display your favourite flowers and plants in this modern style planter. The weave pattern plastic plant pot is perfect for your porch or patio without of the weight of traditional stone pots. The modern design is available in white or grey, and in sizes 18cm or 22cm.

These durable plastic pots are perfect for flowers, herbs and foliage throughout the year. Ideal for the smaller garden or for use with houseplants. Each pot has a drainage hole and stopper in the base. The weave effect planters can be left out in heavy frosts and are easier to clean than traditional stone pots. And so much easier to move around too.

18cm : W18 x H17 x D18cm
22cm: W22 x H20 x D22cm

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