Waterproof Home Spa Bath Pillow


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After a long day of work, nothing quite beats running yourself to a hot bath ready to relax, but have you ever laid back only to be met by the cold uncomfortable plastic of your bathtub? The Maison & White Luxury Bath Pillow is an essential accessory for taking your relaxation hub to the next level. Manufactured from PVC material and filled with a soft sponge, sit back in comfort as you enjoy a hard-earned rest.


Unlike other pillows, this bath pillow provides support for both your neck and your back. Sit the pillow over your bath edge and allow the larger section to sit below the waterline and the smaller section to sit on the ledge.


Across the back of the pillow are 7 strong suction cups. Once you hang the pillow on your bathtub, firmly press on it to make sure that the suction cups are securely fixed to your bathtub, this will keep the pillow firmly in place as you bathe. 


Size: 36.5 x 31 x 4cm
MateriaI: PVC with Sponge Filling 
In the Box: 1 x Luxury Bath Pillow 

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