UV Light Sanitzer Inflatable Hot Tub

4 or 6 Person Spa :

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The UVC is able to kill more than 60 disease causing microorganisms and pathogens while using nothing more that light
A mini sterilization chamber with a UVC LED bead is put into the built-in control box
Every drop of water is under 7days 24hours non-stop protection with or without people in the spa.
The UVC LED will not harm your skin or eyes as it is completely sealed inside of the control box
This will reduce the amount of Chemicals needed to keep the water clean

Anti-Icing System 
When the water temperature is lower than 1°C (33.8°F), the heater runs automatically until the water is heated up to 3°C (37.4°F). 
This will help prevent water from freezing. The circulation system, pump,and pipe will be saved.

360-degree air-jet system fills the spa with thousands of bubbles.

A Child safety lock allows parents to lock the hot tub and prevent unwanted access.

The internal control box helps to absorb and reduce noise.

The all in one wired controller features a user friendly design with gives access to all the controls at your fingertips.

The Spa takes about 3 minutes to inflate using its own pump with the hose provided
Also included is a garden hose adapter to help fil the Spa
The Spa come with its own lid with buckle fastenings

4 Seater 
180cm Width  x 70cm High  71" x 28"H
6 Seater
204cm Width x 0.70cm High  80" x 28"H

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