Tomato Greenhouse

Tomato Greenhouse Reinforced Frame & Cover Outdoor Garden Plant Grow Green House

Outdoor garden tomato greenhouse plant grows weather-proof greenhouse with a reinforced frame and zip cover is great to cultivate the tomatoes and vegetables in a safe environment. The greenhouse features with a heavy-duty cover which provide ideal shelter for growing vegetables and tomato plants against harsh weather conditions.

Its compact design allows you to grow plants even in small areas, such as balconies and patios. The front panel of the cover can be rolled up for ventilation and to allow light into the greenhouse.

The greenhouse provides plenty of space for up to 3 tomato plants. A great and healthy addition to any garden or patio. Approximately 100 x 50 cm (3.3 x 1.7 ft) base area for delicate seedlings and ripe tomatoes will be enough room to grow and be well protected from wind and bad weather.

Regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse by varying the opening of the large, double-zippered door. Built-in loops are included to attach the cover to the steel frame. 

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