Soft Bristle Toilet Brush Holder


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Having a cleaning tool for your toilet is a must for every bathroom and when you’re cleaning the toilet, you want the brush to do its job thoroughly. The Maison & White Soft Bristle Toilet Brush provides your toilet with a good clean whilst making it easy for you. The high-quality bristles that are made from tough rubber clean your toilet bowl efficiently and are also easy to clean. With this toilet brush comes a stylish, white brush holder for the head to sit in comfortably so it doesn’t look messy in the bathroom. A pair of hair remover tweezers are provided inside the handle of the brush so you can remove any hair stuck down drains or the sink.


This toilet brush will not scratch your toilet bowl as the bristles are made from soft TPR rubber. The long-lasting, reliable head of this toilet brush means that compared to traditional, plastic toilet brushes, this brush will serve you for much longer providing your toilet with deep cleanliness.


Not only is it now easy to clean your toilet bowl, but it is also simple to clean the toilet brush thanks to the rubber and plastic material. Generously spray disinfectant onto the head of the brush and leave for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes have passed, rinse thoroughly with hot water to remove the disinfectant. Simply and ready to use again!


Size: 12cm (Length) x 12cm (Width) x 41cm (Height)
MateriaI: Plastic, TPR Rubber Bristles
In the Box: 1 x Soft Bristle Toilet Brush, 1 x Holder, 1 x Tweezers

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