Set of 6 GLASSWARE Cocktail Glasses


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Product details
set of 6
Durable for everyday use and Professional USE
Professional quality glassware
Suitable for martinis and other cocktails
Dishwasher safe
There is no reason why you should limit the use of these glasses to the drinks they are named after. The martini and margarita glasses are equally These Misket martini glasses from Artcraft are perfect for serving cocktails, martinis, cosmopolitans, manhattans, and other mixed drinks. 

Featuring a durable, elegant design, these cocktail glasses can be garnished with a pretty lemon rind, sugar, or olive and has an intriguing pedestal to serve your mini desserts and appetizers.

Volume    : 175 ml
Ounce      : 6 oz
Height      : 135 mm
Diameter  : 106 mm

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