Secure Wooden Dog Stair Gate

Colour :
Azure Blue

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This single panel gates can be opened either way, operated with just one hand and fits all widths between 72cm- 79cm. The robust screw fitting design is easily installed, but once in place makes a solid barrier which will withstand the impact from even the most spirited of pets. These gates have the added advantage of having no bottom rail which eliminates the risk of tripping, making a perfect solution for all areas of the home including the top of the stairs. The height is 75.5cm once installed to ensure maximum security for your pup.

  • Adjusts to fit openings from 72cm - 79cm
  • Screw fit wooden gate in 4 colours; White, Grey, Black and Azure Blue
  • One handed operation
  • Opens in both directions
  • Made up of a single premium wooden panel
  • Comes complete with installation template
  • Height of gate when installed is 75.5cm
  • Quick release fittings to remove gate panels if required

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