Pyramid Shaped Casserole Dish

This Tajine (alternatively spelt tagine) is oven & hob safe which allows you to brown meat, add vegetables and sauces and cook in the oven, or on the stove.

When cooking on a stove, start cooking slowly and steadily increase the heat

Perfect for braising and slow cooking the Tajine intensifies flavours of food Influenced by the cuisine of North Africa, tagines help you to create the most succulent meat and vegetable dishes with delicious aromatic sauces.

The two-part tagine consists of a circular deep base dish, and a large cone shaped lid that rests inside the base during cooking. 

The lid is designed, with a small hole to allow condensation to return to the base to ensure that meat and vegetables are kept moist and infused with flavours and nutrients.

27cm Diameter x 27cm Height

Made in Spain
Hob Safe
Oven Safe
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher safe

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