Plastic Garden Green House

For germinating seeds, propagating cuttings, and starting off plant growth early. The spacious walk-in greenhouse is easy to assemble and dismantle and requires no tool due to the simple push together metal frame system.

Can be used as a temporary or starter greenhouse - ideal for growing and displaying plants, seedlings, and shrubs. Includes 4 plant shelves to store and display plants.

The walk-in greenhouse cover is made from polythene, which has excellent insulation properties as well as being flexible, protecting plants and vegetables from the winter chill, spring frosts, and animals. The cover has a roll-up front panel with zip for easy access and ventilation. Ties are also sewn in to attach the cover around the greenhouse frame for stability and security.

The walk-in greenhouse includes 4 shelves for displaying plants and shrubs.

Ideal for growing and displaying plants, seedlings, and shrubs.
Roll-up front panel with zipping
Complete with 4 shelves for your plants.
Size: W143 x D73 x H195cm
Easy no-tool assembly

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