Pull-Out Cupboard Bin


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Smart Waste Solutions For Modern Living. 
Keep an unsightly waste bin out of view and neatly tucked away in your kitchen cupboard and effortlessly separate waste thanks to the double compartment design.  
30L Pull-Out Cupboard Bin.

Space-saving design. 
We never underestimate just how valuable floorspace can be in a busy kitchen - that's why this clever waste bin fits neatly inside standard sized cupboards. Not only will it free up floorspace it'll be out of view too. Dimensions: 42 x 48 x 26.5cm (Height X Closed Depth X Width)

Two clever compartments. 
Smart waste separation. 
Effortlessly manage recyclables and non-recyclables. 

30L capacity.
1 X 20L & 1 X 10L compartment 

Easily removable. 
Compartments lift from the frame completely for easy emptying. 

Soft-close mechanism. 
The silent, smooth closing mechanism allows you to push the bin back into the cupboard easily and avoid any slams. 

Hygienic to use. 
The fixed lid remains in position, allowing you to slide the open bin out of the cupboard. It keeps odours contained and is more hygienic and practical than traditional lift-lid alternatives.  

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