Plastic Skipping Rope

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This rope provides an ideal solution for improving cardiovascular strength and overall dexterity.
Whether you are a wizard on the basketball courts or in the football pitch, this classic jump rope can help you keep your skills to perfection.

Length: 274CM (Not Including Handle)

You can do your workout anywhere: Whether you're in a hotel room on a business trip, outside on your deck, or inside your home because of bad weather, you can jump rope just to make sure the ceilings are high enough. Since a jump rope takes up so little room, it can easily be stashed in your suitcase, gym or yoga bag, or even your purse.

Jumping is good for bone health: If you're young, you're not exactly worrying about osteoporosis yet, but what you do now can help prevent this condition. It turns out that simply jumping up and down helps strengthen your bones.

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