Outdoor Folding Sun Lounger Chair

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·Quality Fabric. Comfortable, Breathable and Water-resistant
·Easy to Use. Fold and Unfold without Much Difficulties
·Space-saving. Effortless to Storage and Transport
·Light-weight. Convenient to Move around the Space
·Position Adjustable. From Chair to Bed in Simple Step
·Durable and Sturdy Steel Structure with Anti-rust Paint
·High Back Design Gives Enough Support for Spine. Soft Pillow Allows Head to Relax On

1. Material: Steel Tube & Oxford Fabric

2. Unfold Chair Position Dimensions: (45.27 x 17.71 x 32.28)" / (115 x 45 x 82)cm (L x W x H)

3. Unfold Recliner Position Dimensions: (60.23 x 17.71 x 9.05)" / (153 x 45 x 23)cm (L x W x H)

4. Fold Dimensions: (34.64 x 5.11 x 23.62)" / (88 x 13 x 60)cm (L x W x H)
6. Weight: 5135g
7. Load-bearing: 100kg

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