Modern Retro Loft Glass Ceiling Light

Color :
amber D145
sky blue D145
red D145

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1. Retro industrial glass shades, all with an industrial-style lower cage that accommodates the bulb once installed. Perfectly interpret the style of the light bulb!
2. High quality and powerful, wall or ceiling lights.
3. Adjust the bulb up or down
4. Many different angle pivots are ideal for home or business use
5. Vintage style ceiling chandelier in light tones in a classic design. These qualities are based on our specially selected color range.

Color: amber D145, sky blue D145, red D145
Product accessories: screw package
Product diameter: about 15 cm
Product height: about 18 cm
Cable length: 120 cm
Product material: glass
Light source: compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
Number of lights: 1
Main color: glass pattern
Style: modern retro
Type: Pendant

Package Include:
1x Vintage Industrial  Ceiling Wall Lamp Light

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