Modern Hallway Runner Non Slip Area Rug

Size :

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Description: The fibers of this rug has been designed to impart exquisite look and rich soft feel . The material is 100% Polypropylene and is totally of non-shedding quality. This rug is one of its kind when it comes to the selection of High Thick Pile Luxurious Gel Rugs. Length of the Rug is Stitched and Width of the Rug is Folded and Glued for Durability.  


★ Features:

1 -  Applicable Scene Living Room, Hallway, Bedroom, Study, Bathroom, Corridor, Lobby,Meeting Rooms..
2 - Cushioned for Softness,Absorbs Water, Quickly And Fast Drying.
3 - Insect Prevention,Moisture proof,Anti-static.
4 - Modern European Style.
5 - Non-slip,Easy To Clean.
6 - Durable and Tactile.
7 - Rectangle Shape.

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