Microfiber Extendable Duster


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Let?s face it, cleaning is a chore that we all want to avoid as much as possible, even if it?s just a light clean around the house. Every now and again, the time comes for a deeper clean and to rid your ceilings of those horrible cobwebs but you?ve got absolutely no chance of getting to those hard to reach places without the use of ladders. The Maison & White Microfiber Extendable duster is the answer to your cleaning prayers. Engineered with hard to reach places in mind, attaching the microfibre head to the lightweight base and pulling on the telescopic end gives an amazing 2.6-meter reach at full extension! We?ve even equipped your new cleaning accessory with a soft top silicone cap so you can be safe in the knowledge that you?re not going to scuff or damage your surface as you clean. 


Unlike archaic dusters that just move dirt from place to place, the microfiber head of the Maison & White duster utilises electrostatic technology within its fibres. This ensures that the head of the duster will attract dust and dirt quickly and effectively, making a perfect cleaning companion for any challenge. 


After a proper spring clean, the head of your new duster is going to have collected some level of dirt, but this is not a worry, the microfiber head of the Maison & White Extendable Duster is easily removed from the base so you can give it a good rinse with warm water, leave to dry, and it?ll be as good as new in no time at all!


In the Box: 1 x Extendable Duster 

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