Merry Christmas Wall Art Sticker


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A wonderful decoration wall sticker set for a wonderful Christmas and winter holiday season. 

Christmas is the most magical time of the year and is meant to be spend with the people you love. 

Decorating your house for this festive season used to be time consuming and not at all that easy. 

With this problem in mind we created a special wall stickers series dedicated for winter and Christmas to make decorating your home easy and fun. When holidays are over you can easily remove the stickers just by peeling them off. 

We design and produce all our wall stickers not only to be easy to apply and remove, but also flexible so you can use it to decorate your walls, furniture, doors and almost any kind of smooth and even surface. 

Endless flexibility means that your imagination is the limit of creating decorations with our products in your own and unique way. 

Product Information

With this product you can achieve a finishing size of 200 x 130 cm, more or less depending on your preferences. 

The package contains 1 sheet of 60 x 90 cm and 1 sheet of 30 x 90 cm.

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