Kids’ Modular Shelving Unit


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What girl does not dream of one day becoming a princess and living in a beautiful castle? With this cute DIY shelf, this fairytale magic flies right into your home. Each door is decorated with a lively design:

A princess is looking down with pride upon her subjects. Thanks to its low height, the shelf is easily accessible for kids. 8 Compartments provide plenty of storage space for books, clothes, toys, and more for an orderly room.

Tip: When assembling the shelving system, please make sure to do so at room temperature. This will ensure that the connecting pieces will stay flexible enough.

DIY Kids’ Dresser
31 x Large panel
4 x Small panel
38 x Connector
8 x Door

Included in Delivery
1 x Modular Shelf in Pieces
Includes Assembly Instructions and Wooden Mallet
Decorative items shown in product photos are not included

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