Children's Doll House Bookcase

Make their bedroom a special space of their own with this charming Doll House bookcase. It's ideal for storing all their storytime favorites or displaying some of their treasured teddies or beloved toys. As well as a display unit, its delightful design doubles as a doll's house so it's perfect for playtime too!

A simple yet classic storage bookcase designed as a Dollhouse featuring:

A clever storage solution for all your belongings
Perfect for both play and storing books and special toys
3 Shelves & 6 different compartments so you can section toys/books and games
Designed to look like a Dollhouse so your little Bambino could use it to play as a Dollhouse if they wished
In a classic white with pastel colours to create the Roof and Window
Dimensions:  L82 x D30 x H106cm

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