Hexagon Home Workout Dumbbell

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Iron dumbbells great for muscle building. Ideal for heavy-duty weightlifters and body builders. Will fit in home, gyms, clubs, studios, fitness classes

2pcs for one pack: Indoor/outdoor hand weights easy to store and perfect for travel. Will help you build muscle mass for cardio training. Weight visible on dumbbell heads for reference.

2 x 10kg:
N. W.: 19.5kg
G. W.: 20.3kg
Grip length: 10.6cm (each)
Overall length: 33.5cm (each)
Weight diameter: 15cm (each)


2 x 7.5kg:
N. W.: 15kg
G. W.: 15.4kg
Grip length: 10cm (each)
Overall length: 31cm (each)
Weight diameter: 14.6cm (each)


2 x 5kg
N. W.: 9.9kg
G. W.: 10.4kg
Grip length: 9.3cm (each)
Overall length: 27.5cm (each)
Weight diameter: 13cm(each)

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