Folding Wooden Garden Chair

Classic style, built for modern living.

Built for comfort, the gently sloping seat and backrest make this lounge chair ideal for relaxing. It’s robust and reliable natural wood build makes a great addition to any garden, patio, terrace or decking. 

Easy Folding 

When not in use, it’s easy to fold away and store – simply open out then fold shut for convenient storage.  While you can enjoy this classic wood armed chair all summer long, we recommend bringing it into the shed or garage during wetter winter months to avoid excessive weathering. 

Natural Wood 

The traditional slatted construction and natural beauty of the hardwood is enhanced by an oiled finish which creates a rich deep sheen. Simply apply teak oil occasionally to maintain the wood’s shine.  A classic wood chair that offers enduring style and elegance. 

Chair Measures: H91 x D83 x W73cm (Depth X Width X Height) 

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