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The air-cushioning-technology provides a pleasurable work-out.

Hoops are well designed and well tested for adult and teenager fitness.

Use for 20 minutes daily, trim your waist 2 inches and lose 4 lb.

There are millions of users using Sports Hoops as their major waist-trimming fitness equipment.

The Hoop is one of the best workout products in women's fitness clubs.

Hula hoop - Hope for assembly and dismantlement can be easily and therefore very convenient To Store.

Hula - Hoop carver shaping the lower abdominals, lower back, buttocks, and protect Thighs.

Hula - Hoop lets make a variety of Pilates exercises according to the method.

Hula - Hoop combines a variety of exercises and working on specific areas such as Exercises thighs, hips ass.

Approximate Weight: 1KG

Inner Diameter Approx: 90CM

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