Cotton Rope Storage Basket

Storage space in households is always limited, with children and pets running around you’re bound to find yourself tripping up toys and clothes. The Maison & White Cotton Rope Storage Basket is a great addition to any busy household, that offers fresh and modern organisation. Use the basket, which boasts a capacity of a 17.2L volume, around the home or office to keep anything from dog toys or collect your laundry. We’ve  designed the basket with 2 secure handles at either side so you can easily pick the whole thing up and move it wherever you please!


Having plants in our homes is a great way to not only boost your mood but also productivity and wellness. The Maison & White Cotton Rope Plant Basket is a great addition to any green-fingered home that can give your plant pots a face lift.


Our space is precious so cluttering it up with items that you aren't using can be a great waste. Manufactured from strong yet flexible cotton rope, the Maison & White Storage  Basket can be easily folded down and stored away when not in use!

Please note: Product is shipped rolled, the shape may be distorted at first use. To resolve, unfold the basket, fill and leave to sit for a day or press with an iron. Do NOT water plants whilst they are in the basket.
Cleaning Directions: Do NOT wash in a washing machine. To clean use cool water and baking soda. Apply diluted soap mixture to the cotton. Rinse well and air dry.


Size: 28cm x 28cm. Volume = 17.2L.
MateriaI: Cotton Rope
In the Box: 1 x Cotton Rope Plant Basket 

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