Christmas Tree Storage Box

LARGE ORNAMENT STORAGE BOX - Stores up to 27 of your special ornaments in perfect condition year after year. 
This holiday storage box is festive and strong. 

CLEAR SIDES - Its clear sides let you see inside the box, so you know which ornaments you are grabbing.

CARDBOARD DIVIDERS - This cube box is customizable, with heavy-stock cardboard dividers, so each memory-filled ornament is shielded from jostling during packing, unpacking, and transport.

SIDE HANDLES - The side handles makes quick work of locating and retrieving them.
Festively attired, these boxes will soon be as much a part of your holiday tradition as the special collectables they contain.

DIMENSIONS - The box measures 31 x 31 x 31 cm.
It comes with 3 layers of storage with 10 x 10 cm inch pockets and holds up to 27 ornaments.

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