Christmas Light Curtain Snowflake

Size :

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1.LED is energy-saving and safe, and manual glue filling is more durable.
2.8 modes, always on, fast flashing, slow flashing, running water, bright and extinguished, dream, gradually bright, wave.
3.96 Lights 3.5 meters long(drooping 16)
4.LED String lights pendant,each pendant with a snowflake.
5.Waterproof level: IP44, which allows you to use the lights both indoor and outdoor.(The plug is non-waterproof)
6.Energy saving ,long life(theoretically up to 50,000 hours or more) light emission pure, high brightness, moving is not easy to destroy, can be reused, cold light source, not easy to heat.

Package Include:
1 X 3.5m Snowflake lights British plug

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