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There are some of us who love nothing more than spending time in the kitchen and cooking up delicious treats for our family and friends, however, not all of us have the amazing culinary prowess over great knife skills, especially when it comes to finely chop and mincing herbs and spices; it feels like a laborious task. The Maison & White Herb Cutter & Chopping Board provides some ease to a difficult challenge. The included hachoir, double bladed, knife alongside the curved chopping board make light work of chopping up herbs & spices, saving on time, effort and a whole lot of mess. Leaving you with a lot more time to enjoy a glass of wine whilst preparing dinner, whether you’re a home cooking enthusiast or just a casual chef.   


This Maison & White Herb Cutter set, could not be easier to use. Place your desired herbs on the included curved chopping board and simply rock the blade back and forth with the wooden handles. In no time at all your favourite herbs will be perfectly chopped, with an expert level of control, ready for your delicious curry or pasta dish.  


This mezzaluna herbs knife in brilliantly designed with 2 blades, making the chopping process so much easier helping you save time when cooking, but still, offering the same uninformed precision with an astounding level of control.   


Cleaning down, its that task that nobody looks forward to. The Maison & White Hachoir blade is completely dishwasher safe, whilst the chopping board can be easily rinsed down with warm soapy water, making your life, that little bit easier.   


Size: 14 x 12 (Cutter) & 17 x 17 x 2cm (Board) 
Material: Stainless Steel (Cutter), Bamboo (Board) In the box: 1x Cutter and 1x Board 
Warning: the cutter has two very sharp blades, please make sure to use the product carefully and keep it out of reach of children.     

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