Cat/Kitten Tree Scratching Post/Climbing Tower


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Color: Grey

Type: Grab post
Material: Artificial fur covered pressed wood, sisal rope
Size: Height: 95cm, Bottom: 55cm x 30cm


The cat climbing frame will meet all the basic needs of your cat's paw care, leisure and entertainment, and stress reduction. It is suitable for cats as an activity center. This center is equipped with grab posts, platforms, sleeping caves, rest bags and ropes. Everything you need for a happy and healthy cat.

-2 lifting platforms of different heights, movable
-1 caves for sleep / rest
-Multiple pillars to take care of paw care
-3 steps for cat jumping activities
-Playing rope

1. Keep the cat tree dry.
2. Keep away from fire.
3. Please prevent your child from climbing the cat climbing frame.

Packing list:
Cat climbing frame assembly set * 1

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