Camping BBQ Outdoor Fire Bowl


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Along with the fire pit, the package has a fire poker and grill for better use. You can control the fire and the wood and lift the lid safely and effortlessly. Notably, the handle of the fire poker is made from rubber, which is safe and comfy.

This round metal fire pit is composed of a base, a bowl, a grill, and a mesh lid. The wood can be put on the grill for better burning. The mesh lid with a ring can prevent embers and debris from flying.

The whole structure is stable and the materials are strong. This fire pit is made of metal with heat-resistant coating. Strong structure and long durability ensure the fire pit a long-time service life. The max. weight capacity is 10kg.

Material: Iron
Color: Matt Black  
Overall size: 54 x 54 x 49.5cm (Dia. x H);
The depth of the bowl: 12.6cm;
Max. weight capacity:10kg;
G.W.: 5kg; N.W.: 3kg 

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