Bed sure Fitted Sheet Brushed Microfiber


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  • Marvelous Design : Bedsore fitted sheets double bed features fascinating tree branch motifs with plum buds, inviting the beauty of nature into your bedroom. - The textured trunk leads down to the invisible roots which give the fitted sheet tree of life appearance, recognized in all cultures as a symbol of immortality and eternal life
  • Distinct Home Decoration:  Comes with all you need to dress a bed, this charming double fitted bed sheet adds a luxurious touch of elegance to your room - The unique designs match well with various color palettes to cooperate all your other décor accessories, transforming your room to bright and cheery in a matter of minutes
  • Fit Like A dream : Unlike normal bed sheets, Bed Sheet Fitted are designed to fit snugly over your mattress and do a much better job in covering any mattress up to 40cm - The elastic bands given around the deep pocket sheet help hold them in place and hence reduce the chances of sheets gathering on one end of the bed overnight.

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