Aerobic Fitness Stepper With Ropes

Fitness Stepper With Ropes Exercise Arms Legs Workout Toner

The Aerobic Fitness Stepper is perfect for use at home and can provide a quick easy full workout where ever you are! The stepper includes training ropes that are used in conjunction with the stepping and will exercise the arm, legs, and chest areas. Overall the stepper can produce similar effects to a full Nordic walking workout within the comfortable space of your own home.  Offering a full cardio workout, strengthening your muscle, this stepper can help you get a shapely toned body fast!  The stepper is suitable for people of all ages, is incredibly durable, and features a digital computer to help measure steps, time and calories to make your exercise more effective!

The Aerobic Fitness Stepper is both lightweight and durable, comes assembled, and features wide anti-slip pedals for safety.  This work-out device provides a low-impact workout for people of all ages and includes 2 pulling bands.

  • Suitable for full cardio workouts
  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Small, portable and easy to store
  • A great low-impact workout for people of all ages

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