Adjustable Summer Basketball Hoop Board


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Adjustable Basketball Hoops Set Stand Indoor Outdoor Kids Toys Super Sport Set Child Basketball Hoop with Inflator Pump

This adjustable basketball stand starts out a lower height for young Kids Babies and adjusts with them as they develop their skills enough to raise the height.


- Easy in installation: 3 easy to assemble connecting poles.
- With a colorful solid basket board, it is good to draw you child's attention and improve their physical skills.
- Suitable for helping children develop the body coordination and balance ability.
- Parents and children can both join together in the fun, it is also good to boost the relationship between parents and child.
- Size:
Max height: 165cm

Warm remind:

- Fill the base with water or sand for external stability.
- Not for children under 3 years.
Age Range: > 3 years old

Features: Sports
Material: Plastic,Silicone
Type: Basketball/Basketball Stands
Package weight: 1.5 kg 

Package Contents: 3 x Basketball Stand Cylindrical Poles 
1 x Back Board 1 x Basket Ball (10cm diameter) 
1 x Inflator
2 x Pole Connector
1 x Base
1 x Net

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