7ft x 5ft Forest Oakley Garden Summer House


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The 7ft x 5ft forest Oakley garden summer house is packed full of fantastic features, such as the ¾ length windows and glazed double doors so the interior is flooded with light. This beautiful and compact summerhouse is the perfect spot to escape and enjoy your garden.



  • Manufactured using traditional overlap board construction to encourage rainwater run-off.
  • Timber has been Pressure Treated.
  • Glazed double doors allow easy access into the summerhouse and help flood the interior with natural light
  • The windows are glazed with shatter-resistant acrylic, a lightweight, safer alternative to glass.
  • Pressure Treated solid boarded timber floor for better weight-bearing capabilities.
  • Scalloped barge boards and decorative finials give a traditional, attractive finish.
  • Delivered flat packed for easy self-assembly.
  • Made in the UK.

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