4 Bar Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Machine


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Item Description
Capable of making four espresso cups (240ml) of coffee in as little as five minutes, the modern, stainless-steel design will add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen.
Its single dial is easy to use and the 3.5bar working pressure is ideal for rich tasting coffee - there's even a frothing function for making delicious cappuccinos and lattes. The drip tray, filter holder and filter can be removed for easy cleaning.

4 cups; Serves 4 cups of espresso
Stylish design; Modern design with contrasting colours
Sleek & Smart – compact machine (H31 x W15 x L24cm)  pushes 4 Bar of pressurized water through ground coffee and the filter to produce a strong, full-bodied espresso
Stainless Steel Filter – features a reusable, dishwasher safe stainless steel filter and a glass carafe that can hold enough coffee for 4 espressos (please note: spoon/tamper included is not dishwasher safe)
Milk Frother – steaming feature with control dial and wand for steamed or frothed milk
INCLUDES – removable drip tray and 280ml water boiler, an overpressure protection device and a 2-in-1 measuring spoon and tamper
4 Bar pressure. Uses a traditional pressurized technique. 
280ml water boiler Holds enough water for 4 espresso cups. 
Dishwasher safe parts. Filter is removable and washable for convenience.    

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