3.4x5.9ft Walk-In Outdoor Greenhouse


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  • WALK-IN: Large and fully open design gives you plenty of room to set up how you wish. Allows you to grow plants, vegetables and flowers in any suitable outdoor space. Door for easy access and window for ventilation.
  • PLASTIC COVER: Protects inside from rain, wind and snow, also creates a barrier between direct sunlight, allowing plants to grow without any interruptions. 10cm overlap to bury in the soil.
  • STEEL FRAME: A solid structure which keeps in shape. Powder coated for extra strength. Resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Four guy ropes and four ground stakes to pin to the ground for extra stability.
  • DIMENSIONS: 165H x 180L x 105Wcm. Door: 150H x 75Wcm.

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