20kg Vinyl Dumbbell Set

 20Kg Vinyl Dumbbell Set Best tool to build and tone your upper and lower body muscle. Adjustable dumbbells are a cheap and effective way to get fit and toned without leaving the house. Whether you are working your biceps and triceps with curls and extensions or adding resistance to lunges and squats you will begin to see the difference in tone and strength.

The weights can be changed easily thanks to the spinlock collars and with weights as small as 0.5kg you can increase the weight slowly

 Vinyl dumbbells set comes with chrome standard 2.5cm threaded 18" dumbbell bars

 4 x Spinlock collars also included with bars to hold weight plates in place when lifting. Secure spinlock collars are an easy and quick ways to swap plates.

Set includes 4 x 1kg plates 4 x1.25kg plates 4 x 2.5kg plates 2 x Standard solid dumbbell bar.

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