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Equip your kitchen with this Kitchen Stainless Steel Cookware 12-piece Set (Silver/Black) which will help you prepare sumptuous and healthy dishes that your love-ones will surely enjoy and appreciate.


High Quality Stainless Steel
Thermal bottom: 3 layered bottom with heat conducting feature
Food warms quickly & material retains uniform heat
Especially suitable for diet menus, as food does not need to be salted
Practical pouring rim prevents dripping
Handles will not heat up while cooking
Food & fat particles do not collect in corner

Oven & Dishwasher safe
Cooking with little water & frying with little fat minimizes 
loss of essential vitamins, minerals & flavor
Suitable for all electric, gas and vitro-ceramic hobs 
Easy to clean

Description Pot Sizes 

1 x 16cm sauce pan = 1.9 Ltr
1 x 16cm casserole = 1.9 Ltr
1 x 18cm casserole = 2.6 Ltr
1 x 20cm casserole 3.6 Ltr
1 x 24cm casserole 9.0 Ltr
1 x 24cm Frying pan
6 x Glass lids

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