1.5L Filter Coffee Instant Maker Machine


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1.5L CAPACITY – large water tank can make up to 12 cups

CHOOSE COFFEE STRENGTH – use the ‘mode’ button to set a weak, medium, or strong coffee concentration

WASHABLE MESH FILTER – mesh filter and glass carafe included are dishwasher safe. Dimensions: H33 x L21 x W17cm

Wake up and smell the coffee. Make yourself a tasty coffee to start the day off right with this at-home   filter coffee machine.  Programming function   Set the required working time up to 24 hours in advance, so you can   wake up to a freshly brewed coffee or have a pot waiting for you when you   return from work.       

1.5L water tank   Holds enough water for multiple uses.   
Coffee strength selector   Choose weak, medium or strong coffee.  

Dishwasher safe parts.    Filter is removable and washable for convenience.     
Warming plate   The heated plate sits under the carafe to maintain the temperature of   the coffee for longer.       

Washable filter   Save money on paper filters with this permanent option which can be   easily removed and washed.  

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